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University of Minnesota Community Wellbeing Workshops

The online therapeutic yoga series offers a unique approach to yoga and is designed specifically for individuals seeking relief from specific patterns of dis-ease in both mind and body. Unlike regular group yoga classes at studios or gyms, this series focuses on creating ease and comfort by targeting specific areas of the body or patterns of the mind.

Polyvagal Institute Course: Therapeutic Yoga Tools: A Polyvagal Informed Certificate for Body-Mind Practitioners

Polyvagal-Informed Certificate courses offer a deeper level of training including: • 20+ hours of curriculum • Live interaction with instructor • Application exercises and embodiment practices • Group discussion and individual reflection • Assessment(s) to demonstrate understanding • Polyvagal-Informed Certificate

Integrative Peer Counseling & Coaching Certification

Part 1 of this Integrative Peer Counseling & Coaching Certification offers a theoretical foundational understanding of mental and emotional health and covers concepts of neuroscience and nervous system regulation. Part 2 of the training focuses on practical application skills in Peer Counseling & Coaching through a skillset that includes Psychology, Yoga & Mindfulness.

Invite Amy to lecture for your 200-hour yoga training

Amy shares her knowledge of nervous system regulation, polyvagal theory, and yoga philosophy during online 200-hour teacher training programs to provide an introduction to Yoga Therapy. Tune in to Optimal State's YouTube channel to watch Amy's instructional sessions

Connect with Amy & Marlysa Sullivan on the Polyvagal Institute App: Yoga and Yoga Therapy Group

Join us in delving deeper into Polyvagal Theory and its practical application within the realm of yoga. Come together to share insights, foster connections and learn. Download the Mighty Network App for free. Then find the Polyvagal Institute Community. Finally, ask to join the Yoga and Yoga Therapy Group.

Invite Amy to Speak at Your Conference or Event

As a University Professor and the former President of the Board for the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Amy has spoken at podiums all over the world. Her hallmark lies in the profound lucidity of her presentations and the heartfelt narrative she weaves while addressing audiences at conferences and within various organizations

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